Mezzanine Floor

Intermediate Mezzanine floor is possible in Pre-Engineered Building systems. Mezzanine floors can be provided in full or partial area in Pre-Engineered buildings to suit loading Requirements for office , Storage and other utilities. Sathyam's standard Mezzanine framing system consists of a steel deck supported by joists framed onto main mezzanine beams. The main beams may also be supported by intermediate columns if provided by design loads. Applied floor loads, such as dead, live and collateral loads along with mezzanine column spacing are also considered while designing a mezzanine floor.




Sathyam Louvers

Crimp Sheets

Flashing & Gutter

Material Specifications

Technical Specifications of Galvalume (GL)
Material: Bare Galvalume - ASTM A792M
Coating mass: Upto AZ 150 , Tensile strength : upto 550 Mpa

Technical Specifications of Pre Painted Galvalume (GL)
Material: Galvalume
Type of coating: RMP / SMP /PVDF etc

Technical Specifications of Galvanized Steel(GI)
Zinc coating: Pure Lead Free Zinc upto 275 GSM, Conforming to IS 277 Cold Rolled Steel Coils
Tensile strength: 240 Mpa

Technical Specifications of Pre Painted Galvanized Steel(PPGI)
Material: Galvanized Iron
Type of coating: RMP / SMP / PVDF etc.